This Cadbury campaign camouflages gamers' mobiles inside worthy tomes

Ogilvy India created the project for Cadbury Fuse to appeal to gamers who don't want to be interrupted

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Feb 16, 2023

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Snack brands are determined to appeal to gamers these days, but with so many competing for their attention, you need a strong idea to cut through. 

Mondelez's Cadbury has come up with a ruse to appeal to the more than 500 million gamers in India with a new campaign for its Fuse snack bar that hides their mobile phones inside serious-looking books. Knowing that gamers hate being interrupted by someone (likely a parent) telling them to put away their device and read a book instead, agency Ogilvy India created "Confuseing Controllers," limited edition controller holders that look like books but with hidden buttons, which gamers can insert their mobile inside.

"We wanted to engage with gamers in a fashion never done before, by bringing to life an invention that solves a problem for them, said Akshay Seth, executive creative director and Chinmay Raut, group creative director, Ogilvy India, in a joint statement. "Fuse is a brand that gamers consume as it ensures no hunger-related interruptions during play. But they needed help to overcome interruptions from those around them who feel they can do something more useful.  

Ogilvy conceptualized the devices, including coming up with confusing book titles. Digital ads drive gamers to the microsite, where gamers can enter their mobile number for a chance to win one of the controllers. The wider campaign includes a college activation via a van which will let the audience see and experience the game with the unique controllers, as well as digital activations, outdoor and influencer engagement activities.