Cadbury’s 'Just Ask an Aussie' campaign features 1,000 human adverts

The chocolate maker continues OOH campaign launched last year

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Jul 13, 2022

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Cadbury once again brings human advertising to London with its Cadbury Caramilk campaign “Just Ask an Aussie,” promoting the line of caramelized white chocolate imported from Australia.

The chocolate maker has recruited 1,000 Aussies to roam London streets and promote Cadbury Caramilk as talking advertisements. The human adverts will be paid in Cadbury merch and Caramilk bars. In a 30-second campaign video, Australians donning t-shirts in Cadbury's signature purple and yellow that read “It’s amazing. Just ask the Aussie,” talk to everyday people about their love for Caramilk.

Last September, Cadbury—owned by snack company Mondelez—debuted three Caramilk billboards across London, Manchester and Birmingham featuring U.K.-based Aussies perched on the signs. 

“Last year, we launched Cadbury Caramilk in the U.K. with a bang, sharing Aussies’ love of Caramilk far and wide. This year, we’re excited to take the ‘Just Ask An Aussie’ idea to the next level, sponsoring a thousand Aussies to make sure there’s always one nearby for Brits to ask for themselves,” said Bryony Tate, brand manager at Mondelez.

Cadbury partnered with Caramilk creative agency VCCP London and production studio Girl&Bear for the campaign, which will run across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. “Just Ask an Aussie” will also be promoted on TikTok with help from Aussie-born, U.K.-based influencer Rhiannon Cunningham.

“How do you top sticking an actual Aussie on a billboard?” said Angus Vine, creative director at VCCP London. “You recruit 1,000 walking, talking billboards to spread the word instead. Aussies have loved Caramilk for years and with over 138,000 Aussies living in the U.K., it makes them the perfect spokespeople for the brand. Look out for one and ‘Ask An Aussie’ to see what all the fuss is about,” said Angus Vine.

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