Calm your cat with Whiskas' feline-friendly music video

The Mars petcare brand and AMV BBDO turn to science to de-stress kitties

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Sep 08, 2021

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For cat parents with a frisky feline and an empty catnip container, Mars Petcare pet food brand Whiskas has created a music video meant to calm crazy kitties. And for any skeptics, there’s science involved!

“Purr More” begins with a warning: “extreme purring, heavy meowing” and scenes that may stimulate cats dominate the film. The disclaimer demands all human viewers “be accompanied by a feline.”

Directed by animator Daniel Stankler via Strange Beast, the video is a hypnotic swirl of cool tones and cat favorite items. An orchestra of fish play the cello as a ball of yarn unrolls around them, mice scurry among a clouded sky and cat paws swat at toys. The images appear and replicate like a kaleidoscope of cut-out 2D animation, all in blues and lilacs proven to appeal to cats.

The video’s track, composed by National Symphony cellist David Teie, uses a melody proven by the “Journal of Feline Medicine” to reduce stress in cats. Since cats hear sound in a different audio range than humans, Teie says the song was specifically created for feline ears. The classical tune is further catnipped by the sounds of purring.

This reporter, who owns a particularly hyperactive cat, found the spot created by London agency AMV BBDO to be extremely effective. The subject was lulled into calm relaxation and gently purring within seconds.

The campaign is the latest in a series of efforts by BBDO agencies to calm kitties and indeed their owners; back in 2018, BBDO Toronto created a radio station for Whiskas designed to pacify cats on the way to the vet, while more recently, Sheba and AMV BBDO created an ASMR video for cat owners designed to lull them back to sleep when their cat wakes them up at night. 


Sep 08, 2021
Client :
Agency :
Director :
Daniel Stankler
Producer :
Joe Sloane
Producer :
Ella Fanshawe
Producer :
Rosie Stipic
Producer :
Poppy Wilson
Executive Creative Director :
Neil & Jay
Creative :
George Hackforth-Jones
Creative :
Jack Smedley

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