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Enter a crazy Nike installation.

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Jul 08, 2012

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During the U.S. running trials for the Olympics, Nike returned to its hometown of Eugene, Ore., for "Camp Victory," a series of experiences that promoted various Nike products.

Created in partnership with agency Hush, "Camp Victory" was set up within three custom pavilions, each the size of a soccer field, promoting Nike's Nike+, Fuelband and Flyknit brands through interactive installations like a sensory tunnel, a treadmill game and 'heat maps' to display running data over topographic terrain maps. Several of these installations will roll out to Nike retail stores and Nike events all over the world.

The sensory tunnel, a 100-foot corridor created with Antfood, was cut through a pavilion and surrounded by LED walls. Software captured speed data from the Olympic runners, and rendered imagery onto the LED walls that traveled at the same speed as the athletes. Sound traveled through the tunnel as well, to give people an auditory manifestation of what Olympic-speed sound likes -- akin to watching cars zip by on a highway, we assume.

The Nike+ game (created with Red Paper Heart) let people work out on special treadmills that captured running data to add runners to a real-time leaderboard, while the heat map used Nike+ data generated from runners on Eugene's trails, so people could "explore" renderings of the data. Hush plans to release a full-length documentary to show off 'Camp Victory'.


Jul 09, 2012
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