From FailChips to SnailPrimp, MailChimp Reveals Other Fake Brands From Its Campaign

A Whole Host of Names Lead to MailChimp

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Feb 21, 2017

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You may already have read on Creativity about MailChimp's new campaign, which has included surreal online films like MailShrimp, KaleLimp and JailBlimp, and music video project VeilHymn, playing on the fact that consumers often can't remember its name.

Now, the email platform has revealed that a whole lineup of further products have been part of its campaign --- which aims to get consumers typing the names into a search engine, and ending up at MailChimp.

As explained in this case study video, they include FailChips, a line of potato chips made of crushed bits of chips, a nail art contest called NailChamp, an online product called WhaleSynth (a "synthesizer for whale music") and SnailPrimp, a anti-aging facial treatment using snails. Each has its own website, which eventually leads the viewer to MailChimp, and the other sites. Thanks to PR as part of the campaign, some have even been written about in lifestyle press.

Droga5 has been responsible for the campaign -- which is definitely one of the more unusual and original we've seen.