Money flies all over the place in ads from Ibotta cash back service

Callen is behind humorous trio of spots showing how easy it is to save extra bucks

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Mar 11, 2022

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Money! Money! Money! It’s all over the place in a comedic campaign from cash-back platform Ibotta. 

A trio of new ads from Austin agency Callen depicts outrageous scenarios of cash spewing from every corner of people’s lives to illustrate the dough people can get back from signing up to Ibotta.

A family straight out of sitcom-ville digs into dinner as bills and coins pour out of a turkey and a bag of chips in one spot. In another, the mom squirts sunscreen, or rather coins, onto her daughter to get her ready for a dip in the pool. Greenbacks fly out of Dad’s shirt and the couch and quarters and nickels cling to the faces of kids eating ice cream in the third spot.


The ads also get progressively bizarre as the characters break the fourth wall and admit they’re in a commercial.  “It’s a visual metaphor to show there’s cash back in everything,” the mom says to her daughter in the sunscreen spot.

In another ad, the camera pulls back to reveal the cast on set. The mom asks, “Wait! We’re in a commercial?” before revealing a crew member holding up a cue card reading, “Wife: Wait, we're in a commercial?” 


The campaign was directed by Ulf Johannson of Smith & Jones. All the effects were captured practically, in-camera, helping to elevate the humor in the ads.

“This was one of my favorite commercials to shoot ever,” said Craig Allen, founder and chief creative officer of Callen. “Every time we fired up all the machines it was just chaos. I'm not sure how the actors and actresses could even act. Coins bouncing everywhere, hitting people in the face. It was glorious.”

The brief for the campaign was basically around awareness. “They have this fantastic service, but most people don't know they exist,” Allen said. “We liked the idea that people were leaving all this money on the table every year and that they could have it all by doing basically nothing extra. Just shop normally for the things they're already buying. There's money in everything you buy was such a strong call-to-action that we felt the best plan was to go straight at it, making that benefit painfully obvious to humorous effect.”

The campaign begins running nationally and on social media this week. 


Mar 11, 2022
Client :
Agency :
Director :
Ulf Johansson
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Smith & Jones

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