Cats turn evil in Back Market's comedic horror ad

The electronic goods marketplace shows how tech has nine lives too in kitty horror campaign from Buzzman

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Sep 20, 2022

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A new campaign from Back Market, the European retail marketplace of reconditioned electrical and electronic appliances, goes full kitty horror to illustrate that just like cats, technology can now have "multiple lives" too.

The spot from Buzzman revolves around evil cats who are trying to destroy their owners' electronic devices. In Hitchcockian style, at first we only get subtle hints of what is going on: a scratched laptop screen, a phone inexplicably dropped in a kitty's litter box.

Gradually the cats' efforts become more extreme, with devices placed in ovens and in the paths of lawnmowers. By the end the ad becomes full-on feline apocalypse with cats attacking people and wrecking cars. Eventually, an army of kitties takes over the city and furiously scratches on the walls of a workshop where people are refurbishing tech devices.

Top comedy director Tom Kuntz of MJZ (famed for his outlandish spots for Old Spice, Ikea and more) helmed the ad.

Notwithstanding the slightly tenuous product message—Why would cats be jealous of devices exactly, even if they can be refurbished?— it's hilarious stuff, and not since Cravendale's "Cats with Thumbs" in 2011 have felines ever been so terrifying. (It's also the latest brand we've seen mining the horror genre, following efforts from the likes of KFC, Liquid Death and Ford.)

The international campaign is running in the U.K., France, Spain and Germany, on TV, digital and in cinema, accompanied by a poster campaign and social media. 


Sep 20, 2022
Client :
Back Market
Agency :
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer :
Vianney Vaute
Head of US Communication :
Alexander Wright
Head of UE Communication :
Donatienne Vaute
UE Communication Project Manager :
Lucile Dumeaux
Senior Communications Manager :
Nina Quellier
Communications Project Manager :
Diane Tamalet
Head of Communication :
Marta Castillo Sampedro
Head of Communication :
Alexandra Brandt
Communications Project Manager :
Yasemin Zuhlsdorf
President and Executive Creative Director :
Georges Mohammed-Cherif
Vice President :
Thomas Granger
Managing Director :
Julien Levilain
Art Director & Copywriter :
Yvonnick Le Bruchec
Art Director & Copywriter :
Thibault Picot
Art Director Assistant :
Pierre-Marie Hascoet
Business Director :
Clément Chagnaud
Account Manager :
Sacha Hanras
Account Executive :
Celia Curcio
Head of Strategic Planning :
Clément Scherrer
Head of Social Media :
Julien Scaglione
Social Media Consultant :
Nadege Jourdan
Head of PR & Communication :
Amélie Juillet
PR & Communication Manager :
Paul Renaudineau
PR and Communication Assistant :
Anouk Vallez
PR and Communication Assistant :
Tifanny Boutih
Head of TV Production :
Vanessa Barbel
Producer :
Ayman Jaroudi
Print Producer :
Charlotte Chadeau
Print Producer Assistant :
Marine Sassi
Rights Management :
Elise Exposito
Production :
Film Director :
Tom Kuntz
Producer :
Hugo Diaz
Post Production :
Post Producer :
Renaud Coulon
Sound Production :
Photographer :
Marc Da Cuhna Lopez

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