Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

A celebration of the cultures and many contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans by sharing perspectives, recipes, music and more!

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Feb 22, 2023
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Campaign objective: To create a closer connection between Uncle Julio's and National Hispanic Heritage month, while encouraging guests to experience some Hispanic culture during this special month by dining at Uncle Julio's.

Campaign tone: The swaying rhythms of Bachata's 8 sizzling steps. The whimsical writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Artists like Pablo PIcasso, Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat whose fearless brushstrokes affected social change and continue to inspire national pride. And, of course, vibrant food that engages every sense with bright colors, arresting aromas and unforgettable flavors.

Campaign inspiration: The gifts that the Hispanic and Latino people have given us, especially Uncle Julio's, are too innumerable to even begin to include them all.  After all, they hail from over 25 countries, each with its own history, ways of life, and contributions.  But their cultures have been undeniably woven into the tapestry that is America, enriching the lives of all of us.  Uncle Julio's owes everything to the Hispanic community.  They give life to dishes, inspire decor, and remind the brand how guests should be treated at the table.  Because in Hispanic cultures, food isn't fuel, it's love. 

Campaign elements included: In-store merchandising, landing page, website feature, Spotify playlist, loyalty emails, charity, game.

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Feb 22, 2023
Client :
Uncle Julio's
Dan Wheeler
Director of Digital Marketing :
Whitney Cartmill
Senior Manager Brand Marketing :
Scott Bennett
Senior Manager Marketing & Graphic Design :
Valerie Voges
Agency :
Response Marketing
VP Creative :
Steve Badowski
Copywriter :
Jason Rose
Digital Designer :
Chris Rollins
Designer :
Cat Eager
VP Technology :
Marc Broad
Account Manager :
Julia Nuara

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