Nick Offerman shames his wasteful neighbors with a dab of glue in campaign for J-B Weld

Comedian and craftsman uses his skills to fill others with regret in spots from TBWA/Chiat/Day New York

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May 14, 2018

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Funnyman Nick Offerman ("Parks and Recreation," "The Founder") doesn't really have to say much to make a point, evident in his 45-minute long fireside hang and Father's Day fishing trip for Lagavulin. His reticence continues--and serves as a powerful finger-wagging tool--in a series of absurd spots for Atlanta-based adhesive maker J-B Weld.

TBWA/Chiat/Day New York was behind campaign, the company's first national effort in its 50 years. It shows Offerman giving the side-eye and tsk-tsking at the wastefulness of his neighbors who toss their broken belongings to the curb. With the help of J-B Weld products, Offerman, who's also a well-known craftsman, transforms their junk into useful and covetable objects that (he hopes) will fill his neighbors with regret.

He uses a simple dab of epoxy to repair a damaged scooter, and then takes it for a leisurely spin. He fixes an old chair and then has a barbecue in full view of the guy who tossed it, and after applying a few dollops of adhesive to a dilapidated rocking chair, he parks it in front of his neighbors' (perched on the back of a truck) and rocks vigorously while digging into a novel. The expressions of the former owners are priceless--you can't tell if they're wrinkling their brows with sour grapes--or over Offerman's disproportionate vindictiveness. "Don't toss it, J-B Weld it," goes the tag. Aaron Stoller of Biscuit directed the spots.

"We wanted to drive retail demand and brand awareness while remaining to our loyal following of enthusiasts," said J-B Weld CEO Chip Hanson in a statement. "As a professional craftsman, Nick is an authentic brand-fan of J-B Weld and has been using our products in his woodworking business for many years, so he was a perfect voice to bring awareness to the purpose, practicality and dependability of J-B Weld products around the house, garage and craft-room."


May 14, 2018
Brand :
J-B Weld
Chief Creative Officer :
Chris Beresford-Hill
Executive Creative Director :
Ian Reichenthal
Executive Creative Director :
Guillermo Vega
House of Production :
John Doris
Executive Producer :
Chris Klein
Business Affairs Director :
Theresa Maranzano
Senior Talent Manager :
Eileen Sostre
Group Account Director :
Megan Bowen
Account Director :
Mark Donohue
Production Company :
Director :
Aaron Stoller
Managing Director :
Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer :
Holly Vega
Producer :
Kim Bradshaw
Director, Photography :
Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Editorial Company :
Mackenzie Cutler
Editor :
Ian Mackenzie
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Gina Pagano
Assistant Editor :
Brandon Isralasky
Assistant Editor :
Mike Leuis
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Colorist :
Tim Masik
Senior Producer :
Kevin Breheny
Agency :
TBWA/Chiat/Day-New York

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