Change the Ref's empty school buses will continue their tour, warns new gun control PSA

Hungry Man's Bryan Buckley returns to direct spot detailing its 'NRA Children's Museum' from July

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Oct 26, 2022

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Change the Ref, the gun control organization behind the award-winning “The Lost Class” campaign, has released a new PSA, this time detailing a stunt it carried out in the summer.

Back in July, Change the Ref created what it called the "NRA Children's Museum," a fleet of empty school buses representing the 4,368 children who had died due to gun violence in the U.S. since 2020. (Since the launch  632 more children have died in shootings across the United States.)

The bus convoy, which visited the offices of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, carried photos, videos, audio recordings and personal memories—such as a Girl Scout sash and a Nickelodeon branded backpack—from the children.

The new PSA, once again directed by Bryan Buckley of Hungry Man, explores some of the stories behind the items on the bus, including interviewing some of the bereaved parents, in a way that's poignant and personal -- and sadly, all too relevant once again given the latest school shooting in St Louis this week.

According to Change the Ref, the idea of the new PSA is to warn other elected officials that the school buses will continue their "tour," and visit them next. 

“Shame on the lawmakers who enable gun violence and who value their own positions of power over innocent lives,” stated Manuel Oliver, co-founder of Change the Ref alongside his wife Patricia Oliver, who created the organization in memory of their son, Joaquin. “Guns are the biggest threat our nation faces right now and to every politician who has stood by and taken NRA money while refusing to listen to the people they represent: look out for yellow school buses outside your office because the museum is on its way to honor you next.”