Ashton Kutcher stars in Cheetos' mysterious Super Bowl teaser

The Frito-Lay brand promotes its new Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix with an air of mystery

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Jan 14, 2021

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Cheetos is teasing its Super Bowl commercial in a 30-second spot starring Ashton Kutcher.

A teaser released Thursday shows the actor looking at the contents of an envelope: some blurry evidence photos and a Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix bag. 

It seems Kutcher’s wife, Mila Kunis, might be the woman in the mysterious photos. Cheetos disclosed only Kutcher’s appearance in the Super Bowl spot, adding that “more talent” would be revealed. Other details, such as the agency, director, length and when it will run during the Super Bowl, remain under wraps.

Last year, Cheetos introduced Cheetos Popcorn in a Super Bowl spot featuring MC Hammer. Now, the popcorn from that snack is sharing a bag with Cheetos Crunchy in the product being hyped in this year’s Super Bowl spot: Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix.

Snacks had a strong year in 2020 as people spent more time at home due to the pandemic. “Having sufficient snack foods on hand during the pandemic is important to 37% of consumers,” NPD Group announced this week. “These consumers’ households are well-stocked on salty snacks and frozen sweets more than other items.” And homes with at least five packages of crackers or salty snacks eat those foods at higher rates than those with fewer such snacks at home, the research group reports.

Cheetos is promoting the new product as being so tasty that people may try to steal bites from a family member’s stash. Yes, it’s a plot device, but the brand presents data from a Morning Consult poll of 2,200 American adults to back it up. According to Cheetos, 48% of adults admitted to sneaking snacks from friends or loved ones, with 25% of those who swipe snacks saying they do so with some regularity.

Cheetos introduced a limited-edition sensor that can attach to the bag, like a fancy chip clip, and sound an alarm if someone with the wrong fingerprints tries to unlock the device to get into the bag.

Doritos, another major Frito-Lay brand, is also set to run a Super Bowl spot. Frito-Lay is also promoting its overall lineup in a campaign featuring a slew of NFL stars that includes a spot set to air just before the coin toss.