Gum chewing controls these Snapchat games from Tic Tac

Jaws make characters jump in old-school 8-bit side-scrollers from TBWA

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Jun 14, 2018

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Ever since video games first hit the scene, designers have introduced new methods to control them. The keyboard, the joystick, the mouse, then the console controller, dance platforms and the advent of gyroscopic controls built into smartphones. But there's never been a game players control by chewing--until now.

Tic Tac, the tiny breath mint that won ignominious attention by way of then-candidate Donald Trump a few years ago, finally got into the gum game with the release of sugar-free Tic Tac Gum. And since fans are moving their jaws anyway, who not give them something else to do while they're munching away?

"Chew and Play" from TBWA/Chiat/Day New York includes two 8-bit games available through Snapchat lenses named for the two flavors of gum. In "Spearmint Jungle," each chew propels a sprite-man from vine to vine over hazards like crocodiles in a "Pitfall"-type adventure. Chewing helps a skier leap obstacles in "Cool Watermelon Water Ski," which looks like an event in "California Games."

Would-be players can find both games by swiping up on ads in Snapchat or by using the Snap codes at the end of the video above.


Jun 14, 2018
Brand :
Tic Tac Gum
Agency :
TBWA/Chiat/Day-New York
Chief Creative Officer :
Chris Beresford-Hill
Head of Design :
Chris Rowson
Associate Creative Director :
Nuno Teixeira
Associate Creative Director :
Jexy Holman
Copywriter :
Kyle Kimball
Art Director :
Liz Agans
Head of Integrated Production :
John Doris
Associate Director, Interactive Production :
Alex Campbell
Producer :
Dan Bradbury
CG Artist :
Seokmin Hong
CG Artist :
Connie Chen
Designer :
Gina Pido
Editor :
Craig Helfer
Group Account Director :
Megan Bowen
Account Director :
Mark Donohue
Account Manager :
Jeannine Yawn
Vice President, Marketing :
Todd Midura
Director, Marketing :
Eva Calatayud
Digital Marketing Manager :
Lila Branigan
Associate Brand Manager :
Tyler Green
Executive Producer :
Brook Downton
Producer :
John-William Davey
Creative :
Brett Stiller
Lead Designer :
Petra Gioutsou
Illustrator :
Jordy Macnack
Animator :
Arjan Dekker
Lead Developer :
Pieter van de Sluis
Developer :
Delilah Pavoni
Quality Assurance Specialist :
Mustafa El Sumadi
Production Agency :

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