Burger King's Subservient Chicken is Subservient No More

David Chronicles the Rise and Fall of the Fowl

Published On
Apr 30, 2014

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Burger King and David have debuted a new, documentary style film that chronicles the rise and fall of the chain's famous fowl -- the subservient chicken, in the latest release from the advertiser's new integrated campaign. (The brand announced that it was bringing back the chicken via online and print executions through Code & Theory and Horizon Media earlier this week.)

The new film, directed by Hungry Man's Bryan Buckley, takes the form of a show chronicling what happens to Internet celebs. It shows the chicken suffering the humiliation of being a has-been star after his 15 minutes of fame are up. But after some serious, Rocky-style training with a part-time life coach and plumber, he's back -- with a new name, Chicken Big King, which also happens to be the name of the new BK sandwich he's promoting.


Apr 30, 2014
Burger King
Burger King
Bryan Buckley
Editorial Company:
Cut + Run
Jay Nelson
Isaac Chen
Chief Creative Officer/Founder:
Anselmo Ramos
Art Director:
Tony Kalathara
Russell Dodson
Head of Global Production:
Veronica Beach
Senior Producer:
Mariane Goebel
Producer Assistant:
Catia Nucci
Business Manager:
Libby Fine
Managing Director:
Paulo Fogaca
Production Company:
Hungry Man
Executive Producer:
Mino Jarjoura
Line Producer:
Cory Berg
Director, Photography:
Scott Henriksen
Production Designer:
David Skinner
Michelle Martini
Executive Producer:
Carr Schilling
Senior Producer:
Amburr Farls
Managing Director:
Michelle Eskin
Assistant Editor:
Dusten Zimmerman
The Mill
Senior Executive Producer:
Sue Troyan
Executive Producer:
Enca Kaul
Executive Telecine Producer:
LaRue Anderson
Telecine Producer:
Natalie Westerfield
Kiana Bicoy
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Jillian Lynes
Exec Creative Director/Visual Effects Supervisor:
Phil Crowe
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Robin McGloin
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Adam Lambert
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Scott Johnson
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Scott Wilson
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Ashley Forbito
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Brett Lopinsky
Beacon Street Studios
Adrea Lavezzoli
Mix House:
Beacon Street Studios
Mike Franklin
Mix Assistant:
Dewey Thomas
Kate Vadnais

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