Burger King Reinvents Its Chicken Sandwich for the Haters

Brand Is Reaching Out to Customers Who Have Publicly Dissed Its Food

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Mar 03, 2017

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Burger King has introduced a new Crispy Chicken Sandwich to its menu, and in a bold move, it's reaching out to those of its customers who have previously "hated" its chicken sandwich very publicly on social media.

The "Haters Gonna Love" campaign, created by David and Code & Theory, sees the agency offering a free try of its new sandwich to people who have been less than polite about the old one: for example, by sending a personalized Twitter video to someone who tweeted: "Famous last words no-one ever said: I love that Burger King chicken sandwich." It's also released a series of social videos, such as the one seen here, in which the King takes haters to the restaurant blindfolded to try the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Customers like Malik and Joey seem dead impressed with the new version.