This campaign literally nags you to go to CityMD

Humorous ads from Terri & Sandy target doctor-avoiding millennials

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Nov 05, 2018

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This new campaign for New York urgent care centers CityMD is kind of a nightmare. Everyone in it, from a mother to a roommate to a maybe boyfriend to a family dog, nags a woman named Meredith Carlson to go to the doctor to get her nasty cough checked out. But the ad makes it feel like they're fussing over you, the viewer, as they talk straight into the camera.

In the ad, you (or Meredith) are stand-in for any random millennial. The “You Need Some CityMD,” campaign, created by Independent agency Terri & Sandy, was inspired by statistics from a ZocDoc report that 90 percent of this particular demo don’t go to the doctor, as well as by a study from CVS Health that showed 56% of Americans feel the healthcare system doesn’t help them.

The campaign drops as flu season begins. It includes the extended spot above as well as 15 more seconds of nagging from Carlson’s dog, and loved ones addressing other sickos, like Manny Alvarez and Ross Bauer:

There are also witty out-of-home ads that will likely help fuel germophobe paranoia. In each, one New Yorker addresses another with a quiet plea to get their ailments (stomach bug, mucoussy hacking, raspy sore throat) checked out at CityMD. The ads also invite city-dwellers to submit their own "sick person pleas" to @CityMD.

“We decided to put a humorous twist on a serious situation,” said Sandy Greenberg, co-founder and co-CEO of Terri & Sandy in a statement. “People aren’t getting the medical attention they need because the system is broken. And that’s affecting not just sick individuals but everyone who cares about them.”



Nov 05, 2018
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Terri & Sandy

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