Honda Creates a Crowdsourced Stunt Track for the Civic

Fans Suggested Ideas on Social Media

Published On
Jun 27, 2016

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Honda has built the first-ever crowdsourced stunt track to promote the driving performance of its new Civic Coupe.

It was created using suggestions from Honda followers on Facebook and Twitter on how to create the ultimate "Dream Track." The social posts ranged from asking fans to decide on what a giant, 12-foot piñata should look like and be filled with, to encouraging them to come up with their own crazy stunts from scratch. The fans with the winning suggestions are incorporated into the track design and get a special shout-out from Honda.

The final Civic "Dream Track" film features stunt driver Matt Powers performing various stunts around the track, which include painting a duck on the course, having the Coupe burst through massive inflatable bowling pins, playing a giant game of pinball, and more.

RPA was responsible for the campaign, with production company MindOverEye.


Jun 27, 2016
Chief Executive Officer:
Scott Dickey
TEN: The Enthusiast Network
Mike Ruiz
Director, Photography:
Ernesto Lomeli
2nd Unit Director:
Justin Meredith
Art Director:
Reggie Ingraham
Sound Effects:
Zak Knight
Camera Operator:
Brent Baer
Production Designer:
Gabor Norman
Art Director:
Danielle Aziz
Line Producer:
Josh Martinez
Production Manager:
Nick Diaz
Production Coordinator:
Emily Stave
Director, Information Technology:
Ko Massiah
Consulting Producer:
Keoni Tyler
Matt Powers
Stunt Coordinator:
TJ White
Post Production:
Group Creative Director:
Mike Ruiz
Creative Director:
Justin Meredith
Justin Meredith
Executive Producer:
Dave Wein
Head of Production:
Alenka Obal
Visual Effects Director:
Sean Hooper
Lead Editor:
Anthony Cerniello
Nick Sanders
Andrew Anderson
Waqas Qazi
CG Artist:
Aaron Powell
Frederick Ross
Graphic Artist:
Jiro Ietaka
Clean-up Artist:
Sebastian Maldonado
Clean-up Artist:
Gerry Kodo
Assistant Editor:
Sam Peterson
Assistant Editor:
Isaiah Smith
Waqas Qazi
Post Producer:
Miles Friedman
Visual Effects Producer:
Jacklyn Ramirez
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Noah Dates
Music Company:
Music Company:
Premium Beats
Music Company:
Killer Tracks
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Final Music:
Nick Sanders
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Joseph Baratelli
Chief Creative Officer:
Joseph Baratelli
Senior Vice President:
Jason Sperling
Executive Creative Director:
Jason Sperling
Vice President, Creative Social Media Dir.:
J Barbush
Associate Creative Director:
Marcella Coad
Senior Art Director:
Evan Boswell
Chrissy Deem
Senior Vice President, Chief Production Officer:
Gary Paticoff
Vice President, Executive Producer:
Isadora Chesler
Angela Pascal
Ryan Radley
Vice President, Director, Digital Production:
Dave Brezinski
Executive Digital Producer:
Linda Kim
Senior Digital Producer:
Annie Hough
Vice President, Director, Business Affairs:
Maria Del Homme
Executive Vice President, Management Account Director:
Brett Bender
Vice President, Group Account Director:
Adam Blankenship
Account Supervisor:
Kaelin McGill
Product Information Manager:
Marco Fantone
Production Company:
Senior Vice President/Executive Producer:
Dave Wein
Vice President, Business Development:
Alex Gorodetzki
Head of Production:
Alenka Obal

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