Hear the sounds of Coca-Cola in these print ads

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Apr 26, 2019

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Brands have jumped wholeheartedly onto the ASMR trend, but Coca-Cola goes one step further by bringing the tingly sensations of sound–to print.

A new campaign for the European market from David Miami banks on the idea that the sight of a bubbly glass of Coke will have an synesthetic effect on consumers--so that by merely looking at the ads, they’ll be able to “hear” them.

The effort features a series of close-up shots of the soda in a glass, an opener prying the cap off a Coke bottle, a finger lifting the tab off a can. The copy then “baits” viewers: “Try not to hear this.”

The campaign is running across multiple markets in Central and Eastern Europe, on billboards, magazines and newspapers. 

“With this campaign we are aiming to activate that sensorial memory from our consumers, challenging them to hear an image for the first time, finishing our ad in their heads,” says Camilla Zanaria, Coca-Cola Content Lead of Central and Eastern Europe. 


Apr 26, 2019
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