Nescafe Opens a Hipster Coffee Shop Where You Make Your Own Coffee

Just Scan a Sachet of 'Sweet & Creamy' to enter Toronto's 'Taproom'

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Jun 14, 2017

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Nescafe is promoting its "Sweet & Creamy" coffee sachets with a stunt designed for those who still want the hipster cofee-shop experience even though they can make the beverage at home.

The brand is hosting the pop-up Nescafe Coffee Taproom on Toronto's Queen Street from today until June 28. To gain entry, you need to scan a code on a sachet of Sweet & Creamy. Once inside, as this video shows, you simply make your own coffee with a hot water tap, without having to deal with lines, baristas or expensive drinks.

However, you can still get a cup with your name misspelled on it -- there are 50 different custom cups that feature incorrect versions of common names). The campaign also encourages customers to post about their experience using the hashtags #nescafeca and #taproom.

The campaign is the first for Nescafe Sweet & Creamy by WorkInProgress, the startup founded by the ex-CP&B employees behind Domino's emoji ordering, working alongside Toronto experiential agency Mosaic.

Nescafe is not the first brand to have poked fun at hipster coffee culture recently: McDonald's did so with a U.K. ad promoting its own McCafe and last year dairy brand Organic Valley opened a pop-up coffee shop in New York selling half-and-half, with the coffee for free.


Jun 14, 2017
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