Cat Food and Scrambled Eggs? This Ad for Finish Dreams Up the Grossest Food Combos Ever

Spot by W&K London Reminds You to Clean Your Dishwasher

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Feb 15, 2017

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Forget food porn. This is more like food horror porn.

Agency Wieden & Kennedy London is known for making food look beautiful and delicious in its spots for Lurpak and more recently, Sainsbury's. But in a spot for dishwasher brand Finish, encouraging people to clean their dishwashers with its products, it takes this culinary expertise into unexpected realms by dreaming up the grossest combination of menu items ever.

The pairings featured in film, directed in brightly-colored quirky style by The Sacred Egg at Riff Raff (with a nod to Wes Anderson, we reckon), include rice pudding with fish soup, baby milk with tuna bake and scrambled eggs with cat food -- all artfully displayed on dirty dishes and plates melded together into sculptures to represent how food combines in your dishwasher.

The launch ad will be followed by seasonal versions featuring topical dishes which will run throughout the year, as well as an OOH and digital campaign. As well as running in the U.K., it will roll out globally over the next few months.