Coors Banquet celebrates its starring role in 'Cobra Kai'

Bottle counting contest from MolsonCoors brand centers on bad boy character Johnny Lawrence's favorite brew in the Netflix series

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Jan 05, 2022

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Fans of the Netflix show "Cobra Kai,” which follows the modern-day lives of characters from the ‘80s classic film “Karate Kid,” know that in addition to protagonists Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), there’s another star: Coors Banquet.

The Molson Coors brand has  had a recurring role throughout the series’ first three seasons as bad boy Lawrence’s go-to brew, which he seems to drink with abandon in scene after scene


While the beer’s appearance is so consistent it seems there must be some sort of product placement deal between the brand and Netflix, it’s actually organic. But in time for the Season 4 drop of the series, Coors Banquet wanted to come out and celebrate with a campaign for those who are sure to be binge-watching as Johnny binges on the brew. 

Though there isn’t an official tie-in with Netflix, the “Seek the Banquets” contest is challenging viewers to spot all Coors Banquet appearances in the new “Cobra Kai” episodes. Those who count correctly will score a year's supply of the beer. 

There are, however, some very specific rules to counting Coors Banquet appearances. The brand outlines them as follows:

1. A Coors Banquet appearance is an identifiable Banquet stubby bottle, can, or multi-pack.

2. A scene is considered a continuous time in a single location. If the camera starts on a Coors-Banquet-included scene, cuts to a different scene, but then goes back to the same Coors-Banquet-included previous scene, that only counts as one, not two.

The campaign was created out of Volt Studio and is being promoted through a series of social ads. The contest runs through Jan. 31. See all details on the contest site