Coors Light’s weighted hoodie is designed to relieve your football-watching anxieties

In the latest entry to our 'weird merch' coverage, the beer brand debuts a stress-quelling innovation

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Aug 31, 2021

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As football season approaches, Coors Light promises to reduce your game-watching stresses not with beer, but with clothing. Today, the brand has debuted a weighted hoodie that promises to soothe you as a weighted blanket does, but in the form of a zip-up with sleeves.

The new sweatshirt is adorned with the Coors Light ice-capped mountaintop design and promises 10-pounds of stress-relieving weight, across sizes ranging from medium to XXL. It’s on sale now in limited quantities for $150 each at the Coors Light merch site. The brand says the sweatshirt was created for “nail-biting game moments” but also “really, any stressful moments in life.” Unlike a heavy blanket, “you can wear it anywhere.” Those who find the price a little steep might consider finding comfort with the brand’s beer-pouch hoodie, which, at $49, lets you keep your bottle of Coors Light close to your heart via a strategically-placed drink pocket. 

Coors Light weighted hoodie

The weighted hoodie idea was originally conceived out of Toronto agency Rethink, which created it for Raptors fans during the NBA playoff season. Alison Brod Marketing and Communications then adapted the idea for football watching in the U.S.

The hoodie is not the only weighted brand merch we’ve seen. Last year, during the pandemic, Pizza Hut promised the comfort of both pizza and a weighted blanket in its tie-up with Gravity Products. Back in 2019, Oscar Mayer gave away heavy bacon-themed throws.