This app puts an end to that big Thanksgiving dinner problem

Cornett's 'You Pray' takes the pain out of deciding who will say grace

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Nov 21, 2018

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Tomorrow is the day that many of us across the country will stuff ourselves silly with turkey, stuffing and pie. But before that comes grace, that time to pay respects to that higher authority (for those who have one). In some households, this is a cherished, sacred moment. But in others, it’s when folks want to abscond to the bathroom, for fear of being put on the spot to say something feeling and important. For those in the latter scenario, one agency has a simple solution.

Kentucky-based agency Cornett has created the “You Pray” app, a kind of digital spin the bottle that will help you determine who will do the holy honors ahead of turkey time. According to agency Creative Director Whit Hiler, the idea was inspired by “You Pay” bottle openers that help friends decide who’ll pick up the tab at the pub.

“Basically, we’re gamifying Thanksgiving dinner,” Hiler says.“We call it ‘Blessification.'”

The app is currently available on Google Play and is awaiting for approval from the Apple App store. If that doesn’t happen by Turkey Day, there’s always Christmas.



Nov 21, 2018
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