Corona's all-natural beach bar marks brand's eco-milestone

Campaign in time for World Oceans Day highlights brand's net-zero plastic footprint and features app that tracks users' yearly plastic output

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Jun 08, 2021

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A refreshing beach trip is the perfect way to celebrate the end of a year indoors as COVID-19 restrictions lighten around the globe in time for an extra sweaty summer. And Mexican beer brand Corona is ready to celebrate with you—while doing its part to protect the environment. 

In time for World Oceans Day, in addition to a commitment to cleaning beaches in the U.S., Corona commissioned the U.K.’s first 100% natural bar last weekend at Porthminster Beach in Cornwall, England, to remind sunbathers that their beer is also made from 100% natural ingredients.

The bar and seating area, designed by eco-expert Molly Windels-Lyte, was carved into the beach with sand, resembling natural dunes and fully stocked with cold beers. Corona and Windels-Lyte used no man-made materials for the bar, only sand, clay, wood and bamboo—even sanitizer dispensers were crafted from sandstone. The bar was conceived with agency David, out of its newly-opened Bogota office.

“By limiting ourselves to natural materials, many of which are already recycled or reclaimed, we’re hoping to show that we can build by working with nature, not against it,” said Windels-Lyte in a statement. “And if we can create an entire bar that leaves no trace in the natural world, people can do likewise when they meet up with their friends.”

Now that the bar’s residency has ended, Corona will reuse or recycle all materials and return the beach to its former state.

Today Corona also announced that it is the first global beverage brand to reach a net-zero plastic footprint, meaning the brand recovers more plastic from the environment than it produces.

As part of Corona’s commitment to reducing plastic pollution, along with Wieden+Kennedy and Unit9, it created an AR experience to  raise awareness of users’ plastic output. “Plastic Reality” begins with a quiz on plastic usage and then uses your phone camera to show water and detergent bottles spilling into your home. The app transports you to a beach littered with trash with a link to Corona’s site with resources on reducing plastic pollution.


Plastic Reality Tool by Corona

Felipe Ambra, Corona’s Global Vice President of Marketing, said in a statement that Corona created “Plastic Reality” to inspire users to join the brand by lowering their environmental impact.

“Becoming the first global beverage brand with a net zero plastic footprint is the latest in Corona’s broader ambition to help protect the world’s oceans and beaches from plastic pollution,” said Ambra. “But we can’t do it alone.”