Craft Sportswear brewed a post-run ‘Craft Beer’ for athletes

Infused with extra nutrients and vitamins, the beverage launched during the world’s largest trail-running race

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Nov 30, 2023
Main campaign image from Craft (the running brand) entering the world of craft (beer)

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Scandinavian brand Craft Sportswear has been in the athletic apparel business for almost 50 years, but now, in the pursuit of creating the perfect crossover beverage for runners, it is venturing into a new vertical with an apt name—craft beer.

Developed by Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the new Craft-branded brew, sold in a distinctive orange can that’s simply styled as “Craft Beer,” is infused with additional vitamins, minerals and nutrients to make it the ideal beer for recovering athletes.

“We’re all about supporting runners and running culture as much as possible,” said Niklas Moberg, Craft’s head of brand. “Sometimes it’s by making the best possible shoes and gear, sometimes it’s about sponsoring great athletes, and sometimes it’s about maximizing the experience for the ones who enjoy a post-run beer.”

Brewed by Spike Brewery, a Swedish beer maker based in Gothenburg, the beverage initially launched at this year’s Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, a 108-mile ultramarathon that’s considered the largest trail race in the world.

It will also be made available at other races and athletic events in the future, the brand said.

Product shot of Craft Sportswear’s Craft Beer

Granted, beer may not traditionally be considered the best post-workout drink, but the drink “is relatively low in alcohol and packed with lots of nutrition,” said Mimmi Kotka, a sports nutritionist and ultra-runner who joined Craft’s own Elite Run Team earlier this year. “This, together with the calories, might be precisely what the body needs as they are essential for supporting training adaptations and recovery,” she said.

The limited-edition beverage’s ingredients list includes extra B vitamins, dietary fiber and potassium, among a number of other antioxidants and minerals not found in significant quantities in most beers.

“Moreover, the social aspect of sharing a beer, along with the camaraderie of friends, good times and delicious food, should not be underestimated in terms of its contribution to recovery. Nourishing the soul is just as vital as nourishing the body,” Kotka added.


Nov 30, 2023
Client :
Craft Sportswear
Agency :
Forsman & Bodenfors
Head of Brand :
Niklas Moberg
Global Creative Director :
Daniel Högling
Creative Director :
Nicolas Peyrau
Creative Director :
Niklas Ericsson
Go To Market Manager :
Michaela Winckler
Art Director :
Karl Risenfors
Art Director :
Julia Holtback Yeter
Art Director / Designer :
Martin Joelsson
Account Director :
Ewa Edlund
Photographer :
Rasmus Brandin
Retouch :
Peter Walther

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