VW sculpts phone cases from car wrecks in a chilling warning against texting and driving

Campaign by Nord DDB highlights number of crashes in Sweden since a texting ban was enforced

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May 08, 2018

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Volkswagen is highlighting the dangers of texting and driving in Sweden by creating a limited-edition set of phone cases made out of the mangled metal from car wrecks.

Agency Nord DDB created the "crushed cases" in response to the fact that, despite the country placing a ban on using phones in cars in February, the number of distraction-related crashes hasn't decreased on Swedish roads. It made 153 phones, one for each crash since the implementation of the ban.

Swedes can actually order one of the phones, either for yourself or for someone who you think needs a reminder, online. They cost 599 Swedish kroner (about $69) and are designed for iPhone 8. All profits go to Trafikskadefonden, which helps rehabilitate victims of car crashes.

The move follows efforts by brands and nonprofits around the world to make morbid physical reminders of the consequences of texting: for example in 2016 Sprint created a sculpture of an emoji out of a twisted car and placed it in downtown Miami to serve as a warning. And from Australia, Transport Accident Commission Victoria's "Meet Graham," a grotesque sculpture depicting how a human body would need to be formed in order to best withstand a car accident, won multiple creative awards including two Cannes Grand Prix.