This Croatian vintner’s blank, four-layered label invites you to paint with the wine inside

Bruketa&Zinic&Grey’s delightful design mimics the steep slope of the Stina Plavac Mali Stipancic vineyard on the island of Brac

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Apr 04, 2023
A watercolor-style design painted on a label of Stina wine

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Wine-bottle labels can be a great canvas for intriguing design, and here’s one from Croatia that is quite literally a canvas.

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey’s label for Stina wine, from the Stina Plavac Mali Stipancic vineyard, is mostly blank—but does, if you look closely, have four layers. This is meant to create a steep gradation that mimics the vineyard itself, which is located on a steep slope on the island of Brac in the Adriatic Sea.

Drinkers are encouraged to see this blank label as a creative challenge—to use the wine itself to paint images on it. “Wveryone who uses it as their canvas should rise to a single challenge: They should be creative and work around the slopes on it, replicating the work of winemakers in the Stina Plavac Mali Stipancic vineyard,” the agency says.

The video below, featuring the illustrator Klasja Habjan, explains more.


Stina means stone or rock in Dalmatian dialect, and the island’s snow-white stones have been a source of inspiration to artists since ancient times. Thus, the blank white label—mirroring those rocks‚is many-layered symbolically as well as physically.

“We suggest making use of the drops of wine spilled each time one pours the wine in the glass,” agency rep Jelena Mihelčić tells Ad Age of how to approach the product artistically.

Four bottles of Stina wine with designs painted on them


Apr 04, 2023
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