Elizabeth Banks Is a Fashion Stalker in Old Navy's Latest Spot

Actress Is in Demand in the Ad World

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Feb 25, 2016

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"Hunger Games" actress Elizabeth Banks does crazy particularly well, so she's perfectly cast in this Old Navy spot in which she accosts a group of women on a crosswalk in stalker-like fashion.

She's coveting their Old Navy pants; luckily they can inform her that all pants are on sale at Old Navy. The ad, by Chandelier Creative, promotes the retailer's spring collection. It features a new music track, "Save Dat Money," created by rapper Lil' Dicky in collaboration with music marketing agency Jingle Punks.

Banks' verging-on-insane persona is in-demand in the ad world; last May she starred in an ad for Realtor.com through Pereira & O'Dell, in which she was madly obsessed with the real estate app.