Ballroom dancing and beer brings bros closer than they've ever been

DDB New Zealand revives a famous tagline for Speight's beer with a retooled meaning

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May 08, 2018

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After a long day of shift work, the evening takes an unexpected turn in this sweet short film from DDB New Zealand. The sight of two gruff workers--one burly, one lanky--learning to ballroom dance is worth more than a few chuckles, as they're egged on and encouraged by their colleagues.

Eventually, after plenty of long nights and sore toes, the touching reason for all the exercise is revealed--a wedding First Dance, the bane of all grooms with two left feet. But the newlywed is prepared, thanks to his mates. After all, the measure of true friends is how much they'll embarrass themselves for you.

It's a different take on the bro code so typical in beer ads, and it's a new spin on the tagline for the New Zealand beer Speight's: "Good on Ya Mate." The line had a different meaning when it was used through the '80s and '90s. Tough, rugged outdoorsmen demonstrated loyalty to each other and to a cold pint over the comforts of city living. Speight's retired the line in 2012, but now DDB has brought it back in this more modern incarnation.

Fittingly, the spot debuted during "Dancing With the Stars" and is continuing in shorter TV cuts, as well as in out-of-home placements and full-length in cinemas. Big, manly men dancing does seem to be experiencing a moment, in a refreshing snubbing of traditional gender norms. NFL players showed off their "Dirty Dancing" skills during the Super Bowl this year, and He-Man and Skeletor put their differences aside on the dancefloor for


May 08, 2018
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Client :
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DDB-New Zealand
Agency :
Sound Design :
Franklin Road
Director :
Steve Ayson
Chief Creative Officer :
Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director :
Shane Bradnick
Creative Director :
Rory McKechnie
Senior Art Director :
Zac Lancaster
Senior Account Director :
Jenny Travers
Account Manager :
Michael Doolan
Agency Producer :
Samantha Royal
Director, Photography :
Lachlan Milne
Editor :
Simon Price
Production Company Producer :
Larissa Tiffin
Sound Designer :
Shane Taipari

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