W Magazine Beauty Director's 'Glamorous' Workday Involves Feeding the Fish and Sorting Mail

Jane Larkworthy Is Back in Another Parody Film

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Nov 10, 2015

Editor's Pick

Jane Larkworthy, W Magazine beauty director is back in another delightfully silly series of films for the Conde Nast publication's website, directed by Justin Wu (the first round included some laugh-out-loud make-up tutorials).

In the latest one, Ms. Larkworthy talks and walks us through the typical day in the life of a beauty director, from protein smoothies and kickboxing yoga, to the latest facials, massages and treatments through to glamorous evening parties, explaining that "when you get right down to it, I'm just three inches away from being a supermodel." Meanwhile, she's doing some distinctly unglamorous chores such as cleaning the office, going through the post and feeding the goldfish.