Carlsberg Brings Its Founder 'Back From the Dead' for a TED Talk

Hologram Version of J.C. Jacobsen Spoke at TEDxCopenhagen

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Aug 23, 2017

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Carlsberg has turned to its heritage and its original Danish founder for its latest campaign. That's not exactly unusual for a brand and there are countless examples in the alcohol sector alone -- after all, close rival Stella Artois has been running ads based on its founder for a couple of years while the likes of Jack Daniel's have based their whole marketing strategy on founders' names. What is unusual about this one is that it brings J. C. Jacobsen, who first brewed the beer in 1847, "back from the dead" to give a TED Talk.

The brand, and Brussels-based agency FCB Happiness, "resurrected' Jacobsen via hologram for the TEDXCopenhagen event today, and he gave a talk entitled "Why you should answer every question with Probably." The agency worked with live hologram firm MDH Hologram to enable "Jacobsen" to interact live with the audience. A trailer for the talk, seen here, showed Jacobsen receiving the TED inviation from the future back in 1847, and depicts real events from his past including his brewery burning down. The event itself was hosted live on YouTube.

So why choose this tactic? In a statement, the brand says it wanted to run a heritage campaign that's not nostalgic, but rather, forward-looking, to "use its purpose that reflects the spirit of the founder of Carlsberg to make people look forward, by giving them something that is relevant for them today."

It's definitely an idea with potential: indeed we wonder if Apple is watching, and if Steve Jobs will be hologrammed back to life for a keynote presentation sometime soon.