Shock, Horror! You Can't Use Your Phone at Dixie's Pop-Up 'Deadzone Diners'

Tableware Brand Serves Meals at Locations With No Signal

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Aug 17, 2016

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The latest advertiser to build a campaign around the idea that we're too obsessed with our phones is Dixie, the disposable tableware brand.

Having identified that Wi-Fi can ruin a meal out, with no-one talking because they're all staring at their phones and interacting on social media rather than with their actual companions, the brand is launching a bunch of pop-up "Deadzone Diners" in places where there's no signal.

The diners will open in L.A. from August 26-28 at locations including a former Federal Reserve vault beneath the city streets a cave, and a park. Dixie will even serve food themed around the lack of signal: dishes have names such as Selfie-Free Soup, No-Fi Pie and Dropped Call Carrots.

The campaign, by Droga5, is being promoted with a film, seen here, reminding us that we can still, in fact, smile with our face rather than an emoji, and talk rather than post a status update.