Derek Zoolander gets his own Pepsi Zero Sugar ad after brief cameo in the Super Bowl

‘Great Acting or Great Taste?’ campaign continues with a pair of new Ben Stiller commercials

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Mar 02, 2023
Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander, sipping a Pepsi Zero Sugar through a straw

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Didn’t get enough Derek Zoolander in Ben Stiller’s Super Bowl ads for Pepsi Zero Sugar? Never fear, Derek has now arrived—fashionably late—in a full 30-second spot of his very own, which extends the brand’s “Great Acting or Great Taste?” theme from the Big Game.

Derek can’t get the product name right, and his exhuberant interaction with the soda at the end is disturbing, too. But what did you expect, something more unstupid?


“Derek Zoolander has seen a cultural resurgence, with his newfound TikTok fame that has been amplified by his role in our Super Bowl campaign,” said Todd Kaplan, chief marketing officer at Pepsi. “So it is only fitting that we extend this campaign to give America’s favorite ‘model-slash-actor’ his own commercial.” 

For those who prefer the non-Derek Ben, you’re in luck as well. Stiller appears in a second new :30 where he once again marvels at his own acting chops—this time over the temperature of a Pepsi Zero Sugar can. Ben isn’t that far above Derek in the old brains department, apparently.


In addition, a pair of :15s revisit Stiller and Steve Martin’s gags from the Super Bowl campaign itself. The campaign is from VaynerMedia and Caviar Production.

“With this next group of ads, Derek, along with Ben and Steve, continue to take this campaign to new heights, driving home the simple consumer truth that the best way to find out if you like a product is to try it yourself—which is what we hope people will do with Pepsi Zero Sugar,” said Kaplan.

Pepsi said the campaign extension is a “multi-month commitment” as it continues its support of the new and improved Pepsi Zero Sugar, unveiled last month.


Mar 02, 2023
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Pepsi Zero Sugar
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Caviar Productions

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