Desperados throws an 'unusual' house party in global ad campaign

We Are Pi's new film by the Heineken-owned brand moves beyond themed clubbing experiences

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Jul 11, 2022

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Desperados, the Heineken-owned tequila beer mix, is debuting a major new global campaign this week, encouraging drinkers to experiment with its unusual taste and "pour some unusual on your usual."

The brand, whose marketing for the past few years has revolved around themed "epic" clubbing experiences and stunts such as a party that banned phones and a zero-gravity music festival, is now hoping to make its message more scalable with an anthem commercial designed to emphasize that it's "an unusual choice."

The ad, by We Are Pi, which has worked with Heineken on Desperados for the past six years, kicks off with a neighbor who turns up to complain about party noise. Instead of demanding to turn the music down, the woman surprisingly asks them to turn the music up. Inside she witnesses a world of unusualness with party guests experimenting in fashion, music and different realities. The story ends with the neighbor transformed as she lets loose on the dance floor.

"The inspiration for the campaign was the product itself," We Are Pi Executive Creative Director Rick Chant told Ad Age. "Desperados is always adding unusual ingredients to the beer, not just tequila but also elements like lime and ginger. So the campaign is celebrating people who step out of their comfort zone and try something a bit different, whether in their life or their choice of beverage."

Along with a TV spot, directed by Freddie Powell, the campaign will include out-of-home and experiential elements.