Deutsch LA’s new AI tool writes bios for pets in need of adoption

‘Rescue Writer,’ now being used by PetSmart Charities, generates personalized blurbs based on just a few personality traits

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Nov 14, 2023
Photo of a white dog and her AI-generated bio

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A lot of AI use by advertisers can feel superfluous, but here’s a project with undeniable utility—Deutsch LA’s “Rescue Writer” tool for PetSmart Charities, which generates bios for pets waiting to be adopted based on just a few quick inputs.

Users can choose from a number of personality buckets that best describe the animal, then pick a tone of voice for the bio output. The resulting time savings could make a huge difference in adoption numbers, given how critical an engaging bio can be in the process.

The project emerged from an internal agency brief to come up with most creative use of AI. Rescue Writer won in a category called “Most Surprising Use of Prompts.” It was built in-house—using the OpenAI API, NextJS framework and Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform—and brought to PetSmart Charities, which embraced it.

The video below explains more.


The interface is simple. Users select the name, type, age and gender of the pet as well as traits that are most relevant—energetic, shy, cuddly, etc. They can also choose tone of voice (heartfelt, heroic, comedic or magical) and point of view (whether it’s coming from the perspective of the shelter or from the pet.) 

PetSmart Charities advised on what inputs would be most helpful. The volunteer or foster can also edit the bio after they generate it.

The Rescue Writer user interface

Shiran Teitelbaum, creative director on the project with Brynn Good, said the core of the app is the agency’s system of dynamic prompt engineering. 

“We employ both in-house and OpenAI moderation mechanisms to prevent specific and broad topics from being submitted to and retrieved from the ChatGPT API,” Teitelbaum said. “This strategy ensures the creation of brand-safe stories and prioritizes our true heroes, the pets. Furthermore, we have implemented specific ‘Do not mention’ topics in our prompts, such as death, storms, violence and more, to maintain the desired narrative atmosphere.” 

The AI was also instructed not to speak about topics that involve race, ethnicity, politics or religion. The agency unveiled the tool as a password-protected site to shelters prior to National Adoption Week, so they could beta test it. The agency used the feedback to add more traits (such as the age of the pet) and adjust the length of the copy.

Here are a few examples of generated bios:

Rescue Writer bio for Sesame the cat

Rescue Writer bio for Winston the bunny

Rescue Writer bio for Maple the dog

“One of the most powerful features is the API, which allowed us to create a 100% custom experience that we shaped,” Teitelbaum said. “For us, it’s about finding the sweet spot that balances tech innovation with genuine human—or in this case, pet—connection.”

Deutsch LA has been collecting feedback from users, including shelters, who are thrilled with the functionality—and say it will make a big difference in adoption rates.

“You have no idea how much of a difference Rescue Writer is going to make. It’s going to be huge!” said one board member of the Texas Animal Society. “It’s easy to use. It’s amazing how the stories are so cute and creative, and with just a little editing, they’re so authentic. I know it’s going to help us find more loving homes for adoptable pets. We’re especially excited to share the tool with our foster parents, who don’t always have the time to write.”

“The profile generator is absolutely the best gift anyone could give me,” added an animal shelter in Fultondale, Alabama. “I spend hours and hours trying to think of what to write about all our babies. After a while, it all just sounds so generic. Whoever came up with this is a genius.”

As of the latest data, Rescue Writer has helped animal shelters create over 7,000 pet bios so far.


Nov 14, 2023
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PetSmart Charities
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Deutsch LA
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