Pick Which Mountain Dew Flavor to Save Via a VR Nascar Experience

Drivers Choose From Baja Blast or Pitch Black

Published On
May 25, 2016

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Mountain Dew has launched a virtual reality Nascar experience that ties into a wider campaign asking fans what specialty flavor they want to keep on the shelves -- Baja Blast or Pitch Black.

Created by Firstborn, the experience promotes Mountain Dew's "DEWcision" campaign, introduced to let fans cast their vote to keep one of the two flavors in production. In the VR experience, the drivers get to choose which flavor's path they race down, with their choice counting as an actual vote in the campaign. Alongside Nascar drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kasey Kahne and Chase Elliott, they can opt for a Californian desert landscape for Baja Blast or a futuristic cityscape for Pitch Black.

Firstborn developed the experience to work on the new Oculus Rift. The agency worked with the Unreal gaming engine and made it fully interactive. After putting on the VR headset, the viewers sit down and get an Oculus-enabled steering wheel that allows them to actually steer their chosen car on the racetrack rather than just viewing it.

The VR experience will debut to racing fans at the JR Motorsports Fan Day in Mooresville, N.C. on May 26-27. It's also launching on the Samsung Gear VR library and through YouTube 360. The brand has also partnered with Shazam, which is hosting all of Mountain Dew's VR content on its new VR player. For this campaign, it will allow people to scan a bottle of Baja Blast or Pitch Black Dew with their phone to unlock the VR content and vote on their preferred flavor.