Clubbers Go Skydiving in Mountain Dew's Latest VR Video

Brand Mingles Extreme Sport With Stylish Partying

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Apr 03, 2017
Dew VR Beat Drop

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Mountain Dew has been something of a pioneer in VR, with several previous efforts featuring high-adrenaline activities like skateboarding and snowboarding. In its latest effort, promoting its new premium Mountain Dew Label Series, it mingles extreme sport with stylish partying, as bartenders and partygoers unexpectedly jump out of a plane.

In "Dew VR Beat Drop", viewers are transported to a chilled-out lounge party in a long, thin bar/nightclub -- which turns out to be the interior of an aircraft. When the music beat drops, the back of the plane opens up and the experience transforms into a high-flying free-fall skydiving experience, allowing the viewer to follow the DJ, bartenders and patrons soaring in the air above a desert.

The experience was created by Dew's digital AOR, Firstborn, in partnership with production company, Digital Domain. It will be shared with fans on Samsung VR and at Mountain Dew's upcoming Coachella activation, as well as across select university campuses.

We're told the shoot was filmed in one 18-hour day and involved a C-130 plane (a decommissioned military aircraft) and 10 skydivers, including stunt coordinators and cameramen. Firstborn filmed four jumps from 12,000 feet using the GoPro Omni camera and also used a Zcam on a custom remote controlled Mantis robotic rover developed specifically for VR.