Diageo pairs artists and food vendors in vibrant campaign for Hispanic Heritage Month

Spirits company's various brands tap Latinx artists to tell food vendors' personal stories in gorgeous truck murals

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Oct 08, 2021

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Local street food vendors in major cities will see their personal stories come to life on a vibrant stage in a food truck makeover campaign from Diageo in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

The beverage company and its brands Johnnie Walker, Tequila Don Julio, Buchanan’s Whisky and Crown Royal are pairing four vendors in major cities with local Hispanic artists, who will turn the food purveyors’ trucks into the canvas for the vendors' personal tales of resilience and perseveracne.

The program debuted last week in New York City with Argentinean street artist and activist Magda Love’s colorful creation illustrating the tale of Maggie Morales, founder of Mike’s Coffee Express.

Maggie Morales runs Mike's Express
Maggie Morales running Mike's Express

The initiative will continue in Miami, where Buchanan’s Whisky will bring together Cuban-American doodle artist Vic Garcia with the Pa’parrilla Food Truck. In Chicago, Don Julio will honor the family-run food truck Aztec Dave’s Cocina Mexicana with the work of artist Sentrock (Joseph Perez), and in Houston, Crown Royal will celebrate Mexican food truck LaMacro with the pop art of Alex Roman Jr., aka Donkeeyboy.

Magda Love at work on Maggie Morales' Mike's Express truck
Magda Love at work on Maggie Morales' Mike's Express truck

As part of the program. Diageo will also be making a donation to the Street Vendor Project, which supports the 20,000 street vendors in New York City, many of whom are immigrants and people of color.

“At first glance, this initiative is a celebration of elements of Hispanic heritage that we know and love: food and art,” said Phil Pearson, multicultural director at Diageo in a statement. “But it’s really about people using their hands to serve and elevate their communities. These small business owners and artists are creating a world that’s more accepting and inviting, and that’s why we really want to honor and celebrate them. Diageo is honored to support their commitment to preserving Hispanic culture, while they amplify a conversation around diversity and inclusion that impacts every American.”


Maggie Morales and Magda Love toast
Maggie Morales and Magda Love toast