Dick's Sporting Goods reimagines the 'Miss America' ideal

The sporting goods store and Anomaly champion female athletes in new Olympics campaign featuring the classic pageant theme song

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Jul 29, 2021

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When composer Bernie Wayne wrote about the “all-American face and form” in “There She Is, Miss America,” the theme song for the U.S. beauty pageant, he likely had a certain female "ideal" in mind. But a new campaign from Dick's Sporting Goods and Anomaly subverts the tune's outdated inspiration by setting it against the sweaty and bruised faces of some of America's top female athletes.

Dick's "There She Is" spot shows the grit and grime of women boxers, volleyball players and weightlifters in the throes of their training. The dreamy melody of the Miss America theme floats over the visceral sounds of fists slamming into a punching bag, bodies colliding and shoes squeaking across a volleyball court. 

Director Emily Maye of Farm League captures the athlete's strength and pain in the spot's stunning, intimate scenes. The faces of female athletes like Olympic boxer Claressa Shields, U.S.A. track and field competitor Destinee Brown, swimmer Ella Eastin, weightlifter Denise Tam and former U.S National Team gymnast Nia Dennis stare determinedly into the camera. Soccer player Jordan Jesolva plunges into an ice bath. Kristin Smith swirls around before her mighty hammer throw. Olympic fencer Isis Washington screams in victory.

The ad premiered this week on NBC during prime time Olympics coverage and will continue to run through August on major networks. The campaign will also run on social media and spotlight local, female athletes through signage throughout the brand’s stores.

Like Nike’s recent “New Fairies" ad starring Olympian skateboarding Rayssa Leal, "There She Is" is the latest example of a sports brand bringing a twist to outmoded and sexist stereotypes of female athletes. It continues  Dick’s mission to champion women in the sports industry. Earlier this year, the sporting goods store highlighted its female leaders behind the scenes in “Inside Moves” (below).


Last year, the store launched many charitable initiatives to elevate women in sports on and off the field, donating millions to organizations such as the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s United for Girls initiative, USA Softball and The U.S. Women’s National Team. This year, the store donated over 100,000 bras to female athletes across the country without the resources to buy their own.