Diesel celebrates losing followers over its Pride collection

The fashion label trumpets the fact that 14,000 people stopped following it on Instagram

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Jul 08, 2019

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Diesel has not only been celebrating Pride Week in Europe—it's celebrating the fact that people stopped following it because of Pride.

After the fashion label released a Pride-themed collection and posted LGBTQ+ related content on social media, it apparently lost 14,000 Instagram followers. But the company turned this into a defiant positive too, with an post in the run up to London Pride (which took place this past weekend) that celebrated its lost followers. 

The campaign is via Publicis Italy. In a statement, a Diesel spokesperson says: "Diesel has always been a supporter of the community. And even if we like to think that our Instagram community shares the same values, after one week and a lot of surprising homophobic comments, we discovered we lost 14,000 followers because of our content that covered the history of the LGBTQ+ and showed the brand’s support. While other brands would see this as a reason to worry, Diesel decided to celebrate the followers’ departure. Because followers are important. But love is more important."