Vodafone Romania Turns Your E-Bookshelf Into Wallpaper

Customers Can Scan Their Own Walls To Download Digital Books

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Jun 03, 2014
The Digital Library Wallpaper

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Vodafone Romania just may have found a way to solve one of the dilemmas of modern reading -- what happens to bookshelves when all the titles you read are on e-books? In partnership with furniture retailer Mobexpert, the brand has been offering customers a service that prints out wallpaper in the design of a bookshelf filled with books they want to read. Customers log onto the Digital Library Wallpaper website, choose from a selection of free titles (as well as other personalized decorations for their shelves) order their design, and it's delivered to their home as a roll of PVC that can be affixed to their wall. They can then scan the barcodes of the titles in order to read them on mobile devices.

McCann Bucharest devised the work, a continuation of its Digital Library project that won three Cannes Lions last year. (That project turned public places like building walls, window displays, train stations, and subways into a digital library, with customers able to scan QR codes to download free books as they were commuting.)

According to the agency, since the project's launch, several interior designers have become involved, suggesting interior design concepts with the digital wallpaper as a central piece.