Suntory Invents Beer Glasses Personalized Via Your DNA Data

Design Reflects Your Alchohol Tolerance and Sensitivity to Hops

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Dec 09, 2016

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Everyone has their own particular favorite way of drinking beer, whether it's out of the can, an ice-cold glass or a bottle with a wedge of lime. But now Japanese brewing company Suntory claims to have created beer glasses that are specifically personalized to the user via their DNA Data.

First it analyzed DNA collected from saliva using specialized equipment. Alcohol tolerance, sensitivity to malt aroma, sensitivity to hops bitterness, personality traits, preferences and other genetic codes are all fed into the design; for example, alcohol tolerance is reflected in the glass capacity, sensitivity to malt aroma influences the top diameter and sensitivity to hops bitterness impacts the rim thickness. The glasses are then 3D printed in accordance with the data to make a unique personalized glass.


Dec 09, 2016

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