Audi Targets Toy Stereotypes in Spain With Tale of a 'Doll Who Chose to Drive'

Campaign by Proximity Also Includes Limited Edition Toys

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Dec 22, 2016

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Playing, like driving, should not be influenced by gender stereotypes. That is the message Audi in Spain is sending with a new animated digital video ad called "The doll that chose to drive."

The spot follows a doll as she escapes the pink-colored girl toy aisle for the blue-tinted boys section. She browses toy trucks and police cars before hopping in a blue Audi. She revs the engine and takes it for a James Bond-style race. It ends when a boy shopping with his mom picks up the toy car with the doll in it. She tries to dissuade him from buying it, suggesting they don't go together. But he decides otherwise.

The spot, by Proximity Barcelona and produced by Post23, is aimed at breaking down toy stereotypes during the Christmas season. Audi has produced a limited-edition toy of the car and the doll, according to a statement. "These two toys, usually kept apart by gender stereotypes, have been brought together this Christmas to show that play, like driving, is a gender-free area," according to a statement distributed by Proximity.