Greenpeace's hard-hitting images show the devastation caused by plastic straws

Rethink Canada created campaign showing sea creatures choked by straws

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Jul 26, 2018
Don't suck the life out of our oceans

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The world is finally waking up to the devastation to nature caused by plastic staws, with big corporates including Starbucks cutting down on their use.

However, many people and businesses are still using them, so Greenpeace has created a hard-hitting campaign via Rethink Canada that will really make you think about their impact on marine life. The images show sea creatures such as seabirds, fish and turtles with enormous plastic straws trapped in their mouths, choking them. They seem to hearken back to that heartbreaking turtle video from a marine biologist that went viral a couple years ago. The tagline for Greenpeace's campaign is "Don't suck the life from our oceans."

Greenpeace is hoping the issue of straws will also start a wider awareness about overall plastic use. "Businesses large and small need to rethink their plastic usage overall," sys Sarah King, Head of Oceans & Plastics Campaign at Greenpeace Canada. "Straws are a great way to start the conversation but all throwaway plastic, like lids, cups, containers, and packaging, is fueling the plastic pollution crisis. We need to see companies innovating beyond plastic and truly reducing their massive plastic footprints on our blue planet and communities."


Jul 26, 2018
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