Doritos’ Dia De Los Muertos campaign takes LGBTQ+ Pride beyond the grave

Slap Global creates this touching animated tale about love after death

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Oct 26, 2021

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Doritos has committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community all year long in its “#PrideAll Year” campaign created out of Slap Global, the agency founded by ad vets Maxi Itzkoff and Gerry Graf. The push began with a Christmas spot last year, continued in a Mother’s Day film and now makes its way to this sweet story for Dia De Los Muertos, the holiday celebrated at the beginning on Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 in Mexican and Latin American communities to honor deceased loved ones. 

During Dia De Los Muertos, families create “ofrendas,” specially dedicated altars to remember their late family members and friends. The ofrendas are believed to create a bridge between the afterlife and the living world so that the family can all be reunited once again. 

In the Pepsico brand's new animated ad for the Mexican market, one clan reunites with their deceased brother and uncle, Alberto, at his graveside ofrenda. But this time, he’s accompanied by another spirit.

“He’s Mario, my partner,” Alberto reveals, as expressions of surprise unfold across his relatives’ faces. One elderly woman, Alberto's sister, responds with relief: “What a miracle!" she says. "I thought he would be alone forever.”

The whimsical, Pixar-quality animation via production company Final Frontier is reminiscent of Dia De Los Muertos-themed films such as "Coco" and "Book of Life" and brings charm to the powerful tale. 

The ad ends with the line, ​​”Nunca es tarde para ser quien eres" or “It’s never too late to be your true self," and the hashtag “#PrideAllYear.”