Dove celebrates quarantine hairstyles (including the fails)

#MyHairMyWay campaign from Ogilvy Paris mines user-generated content and encourages others to share their home experiments

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May 27, 2020

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Dove has mined user-generated content for its latest hair-care campaign, which takes a humorous look at some of the quarantine hairstyling efforts people have had to resort to while stylists and salons are closed.

The film by Ogilvy Paris stitches together clips of fringe-cutting experiments, home dyeing, drastic cuts and more. In one scene, for example, one woman says, "This is like I'm Medusa, but all my snakes died."

Featuring the hashtag #MyHairMyWay, the effort encourages people to post their own clips on social media. The brand says it wanted to celebrate people's home efforts in an "uplifting and supportive way."

The ad ends with the slogan "Supporting all new hairstyles with our deepest care." The campaign will roll out globally, starting in the U.S.