Dove's cringey TikTok moments target moms and daughters

Campaign from Slap Global banks on embarrassing parents to reach younger audience

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Nov 12, 2021

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Among the painful milestones of parenthood: childbirth, the first day of school—and that gut-wrenching moment when you turn into the most embarrassing thing in your offspring’s life. 

A new campaign from Dove banks on the familiar truth that kids will eventually become mortified by their parents acting like mere human beings—in an effort to promote its deodorant to both teen girls and their moms.

The new “Mothers make you sweat” campaign, created out of Slap Global for the Argentina market, pulls together TikTok videos of daughters cringing as their mothers dramatically dance, lip-sync or mimic DJs by spinning imaginary stovetop turntables. 

“You make your daughter sweat, so get her Dove anti-perspirant for her delicate skin,” the endline on each video reads. 

In landing on the idea, the team at Slap Global wanted to find an angle that would draw the interest not just of teens, but also the moms making the purchase decisions. The agency worked with real mothers and daughters, who created the videos on their own TikTok accounts. Slap Global then used the films to create ads running on Instagram stories, YouTube and television. 

The company’s main brand platform of “Real Beauty” has long focused on women and their self-esteem. The new campaign relays that message in a fresh way, highlighting women who, despite their own imperfections, remain confident enough to belt one out under the glare of their young ones.

"At Dove we always seek to bring a positive message while being sure to recommend products," said Victoria Martínez Grillo, director of Dove Argentina, in a statement.