Drake's Bench Press Wipeout in This Apple Ad Is Basically Taylor Swift's Fault

No Canadian Rappers Were Actually Harmed During the Making of This Commercial (We Hope)

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Nov 21, 2016

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In April, an Apple Music ad starring Taylor Swift went instantly viral, racking up more than 11 million views in its first four days. Titled "Taylor vs. Treadmill," it showed Swift loading up a #GYMFLOW track list and then singing along and rocking out to Drake & Future's "Jumpman." She got a wee bit too into it, gesticulating so wildly that she fell off the treadmill. The tagline: "Distractingly good."

Now Drake, already a friend of Apple (in September, he and Apple Music collaborated on a 23-minute film), is returning the favor. In a new ad titled "Drake vs. Bench Press," the Canadian rapper is shown working out with his muscle-bound trainer in a weight room, but as soon as he's alone he cues up Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" and starts lip-syncing and dancing to it like a dedicated "Swiftie" fangirl. Back to bench-pressing, he starts singing along (badly) and then, of course, has his own wipeout. The tagline, once again: "Distractingly good."