Driving Demand and eCommerce Sales for Vita Coco During Prime Shopping Events

How Slickdeals helps move inventory and drive eCommerce sales during peak shopping events

Published On
Oct 11, 2021


Vita Coco has continued to see success from its eCommerce efforts thanks to strong online reviews and being included in Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” option. The beverage’s dedication to quality products has helped establish a loyal foundation of customers.

To continue strengthening its online presence, Vita Coco partnered with Slickdeals in 2017 to bolster its eCommerce strategy by expanding its customer base and moving inventory at a greater rate during peak seasons.

For Black Friday 2017, Slickdeals used a classic approach to increase traffic and visibility to the search results. Slickdeals’ unique pricing tools verified that $6 was a competitive market offer for Vita Coco’s drink package. Vita Coco aligned this pricing suggestion with a standard newsletter placement, resulting in a heavy response from the Slickdeals audience.

Thrilled with past results, the Vita Coco team introduced its sister company, RUNA, into Prime Day plans in 2019. Slickdeals kicked off RUNA’s campaign two days before Prime Day 2019, leveraging the buzz of the big shopping event. They paired the strategic timing of the campaign with competitive pricing, promoting the sampler pack at $6 per unit. All units sold out before Prime Day arrived.

Additionally, the RUNA sampler pack moved up in ranks by 140,600% in the Grocery and Gourmet Food category, earning it a “Best Seller” badge.

For Black Friday 2019, the RUNA and Vita Coco teams hoped for a similar campaign strategy to that of Prime Day. The campaign kicked off on Black Friday with a lower price per unit at $5. Similar to the prior year, RUNA sold out of all units.

The partnership and success created between Vita Coco and Slickdeals led to a natural expansion of the RUNA brand. Both engagements with RUNA resulted in all units selling out and these short-term campaigns have become the standard for success for both Vita Coco and RUNA teams during peak seasons.