Soccer Star Didier Drogba Gets in a Shootout against Malaria

The UN Development Program and Roll Back Malaria Capitalize on World Cup Fever to Talk Malaria

Published On
Jun 11, 2014

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Soccer player Didier Drogba has made it his mission to raise awareness about the African continent, its challenges and its development since becoming a Goodwill Ambassador to UNDP in 2007. The Cote D'Ivoire native -- and national team captain -- is now capitalizing on World Cup fever to shed light on the malaria pandemic with this Claymation-style video.

When the United Nations set its eight Millennium Development Goals in 2000 (to be accomplished by 2015), "combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases" ranked at number 6. While that mortality rate has decreased by 40 percent, more than half a million malaria-related deaths still occur every year. Drogba's own country is in the most afflicted area, sub-Saharan Africa. With the help of UNDP and Roll Back Malaria, the athlete has seized the opportunity to share his story and take on malaria-carrying mosquitoes.


Jun 11, 2014
Creative Director:
Eric Helias
Art Director:
Herve Lopez
Lord of Barbes
Sound Director:
Loic Benart
Didier Drogba

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