Dude Wipes debuts pants-dropping brand platform in first ads from Curiosity

Lighthearted brand campaign includes a cheesy ’80s-style jingle and a wiping-themed how-to

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Aug 21, 2023
A businessman with his pants down flagging down a taxi

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Dude Wipes is out with its first national brand campaign, and they’re the most playfully Dude Wipes-y ads you can imagine—full of butt humor guys everywhere should enjoy.

The work is the first for the brand from Curiosity since the Cincinnati agency was named AOR last year. The first spot is a throwback to cheesy CPG spots from the ’80s, complete with a goofy jingle—and dudes dropping their pants at every possible opportunity.


“We’ve been able to do a pretty decent job at marketing over the years but we felt the brand was missing a catchy sell-slogan to bring it all together and take Dude Wipes to the next level,” said Ryan Meegan, co-founder and CMO of Dude Wipes. “So, we tasked Curiosity with bringing us a ‘big idea’ that would communicate to customers the fun nature of our brand and, more so, the complete clean Dude Wipes provides over toilet paper. They hit it out of the park with ‘Best Clean, Pants Down.’”

A second spot takes place in a classroom, with a motley assortment of students happily learning about the smear-free benefits of the product.


The campaign launches today in cities including Milwaukee, New Orleans, Buffalo, Fresno, St. Louis and Baltimore, as well as digital, social and CTV. The work will go national in January 2024, including national broadcast.

“The Dudes’ challenge to us was clear—make Dude Wipes famous,” said Matt Cragnolin, creative director at Curiosity. “In order to do that, we knew we had to write the catchiest song about grown adults wiping their bum-bums and dropping trou known to man. Remember the ’80s, when a chorus could sing gleefully about confidence and optimism while everyone high-fived each other and gave thumbs ups and it was totally normal and not weird or ironic at all? Well that’s how it feels when you’ve got an immaculately clean manhole and crispy white undies to boot, thanks to Dude Wipes! So, yeah, we did that.”

Ad Age spoke with Meegan on the Marketer’s Brief podcast last fall. Bringing on Curiosity would lead to more national paid media and more help creating social content, he said at the time.

The new spots “are the perfect mix of funny, while enlightening consumers that dry toilet paper is not getting the job done like they think it is,” Meegan said this week. “Dude Wipes get the crap that toilet paper leaves behind.”


Aug 21, 2023
Client :
Dude Wipes
Agency :
Ryan Meegan
Creative Director :
Andy Anderson
Creative Director :
Matt Cragnolin
Creative Director :
Pam Fraser
Account Lead :
Kelly Kinane
Account Supervisor :
Leah Zimmer
Senior Project Manager :
Mandy Russell
Producer :
Tony Grossman
Jeff Warman
Production Company :
Method & Madness
Director :
Chris Woods
Co-Producer :
Casey Lock
Co-Producer :
Rita Popielak
Line Producer :
Darrin Ball
Editor :
Andy Mcgraw
Editor :
Casey Lock
Music House :
The Elements
Original Music :
Scott Coleman
Original Music :
Sarah Krohn
Production Team :
Scouts Honor
Executive Producer :
Simon Dragland
Executive Producer :
Rita Popielak
Production Manager :
Alan Kuipers
Production Coordinator :
Kyle Sanderson

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